between earth and sky (2004)



Yoshi Oida, a Japanese actor and stage director, came to Europe in 1968 and has since practiced „culturally transcendent theater“ all over the world.

In this unconventional, poetic portrait of him several narrative threads are subtly woven together, which appear at first glance to unfold independently from one another. Together, however, in the course of the film they create an „invisible picture“ – Yoshi Oida’s view of the world.


Documentary, Digibeta, 35 min.

written, directed and editted by Marie Miyayama

Camera: Oliver Sachs

Music: Helmut Sinz

Sound Design: Sven Mevissen

Line Producer: Maren Lüthje, Tanja Bares

Production: University of Television and Film Munich

Cast: Yoshi Oida, Zula Lemes, Jose Luis Sultan,

Joao de Bruco, Lorna Marshall, Dieter Trüstedt

with the kind support of:

mime centrum Berlin, Hebbel Theater Berlin, Sparks,

pictorion das werk, msm-stuios

Festivals: Internationales Dokumentarfilmfestival München, Ankara International Film Festival

„We only think about our love, our anger, our hope; we forget that we are living between the earth and

the sky.“   Yoshi Oida

„Once upon a time there was a great confusion in the kingdom of the bird. The birds were constantly fighting amongst themselves. For this reason, all the birds of the world gathered one day to hold a bird conference“

from the Sufi-Story „Bird Conference“ of Attar