Maika´s Weekend (2002)



Maika, a German-Japanese girl whose parents are divorced, lives with her mother. On the weekend she visits her father and meets his new girlfriend...

The film depicts a quiet drama that gives a glimpse of Maika´s spiritual growth during the time the three protagonists spend together.


Short Film, Digibeta, 15 min.

written and directed by Marie Miyayama

Assistant Director: Gabriela Keseberg

Camera: Susanne Kurz

Gaffer: Holger Fleig, Bathmunh Suhbaatar

Sound: Sven Mevissen

Production Design: Philip Escóbar-Jung

Editor: Yuval Zafrir, Christine Marte,

Marie Miyayama

Music: Dieter Trüstedt

Line Producer: Marion Ewert, Claudia Csanky

Monika Schreiner

Production: University of Television and Film Munich

Cast: Maj Wenk-Wolff, Johannes von Thun,

Nanette Bauer, Yoko Popper

みみをすます                           I´m listening

きのうのあまだれに                to the raindrops of

みみをすます                           yesterday

みみをすます                           I´m listening

いつから                                  to the never ending

つづいてきたともしれぬ         footsteps of people

ひとびとのあしおとに            since an ancient time

みみをすます                           I´m listening

めをつむり                              closing my eyes

みみをすます                          and listening

  谷川俊太郎                            from the poem of

「みみをすます」より            Shuntaro Tanigawa „I´m listening“